EE is the largest 4G mobile operator in Europe with 8 million 4G subscribers. Its 4G mobile network has been installed in 510 UK towns and cities, is available to over 80% of the UK’s population and it’s going to cover 98% by the end of 2015.

EE’s 4G network was tested by Rootmetrics from Land’s End to John o’Groats during the second half of 2014 in big cities, small towns and rural areas across the UK. RootMetrics collected 1,002,692 test samples which showed ee came in first place 91 times.

SIMS only deals – Always do your homework

When picking a new SIM card and service, it makes sense to reassess your current usage habits and everyday needs. Don’t overspend on services you will never use if you do not have to, and save as much as 50% when you opt for the features you really need. ASDA Mobile in the UK gives phone users unlimited calls and texts, along with 2G of free data and an added bonus of 12 free gigs, for only £15 – around half the price of most pay monthly tariffs.

You only need to set 2 lines of code in order for the SearchView to be reset to its iconified state.

These are:

The first line empties the EditText field while the second line hides the SearchView component and shows the MenuItem icon back.

That’s all!

This is how I did it. Once you finish downloading the zip fie from a url and you get a byte[] array out of it, simply pass it to a ByteArrayInputStream and pass that input stream to a ZipInputStream.

Check out the code:

In a zip file, every file or folder is represented by a ZipEntry. To browse through the zip file’s contents, loop the ZipInputStream and call getNextEntry() which returns a ZipEntry object.

To get the input stream of the file, just use the same ZipInputStream object. The developers did a slick job of designing this class.

Check out the code:

What the code does is that when getNextEntry() is called, it will go to the first file (or folder) in the list. The code assumes that there is only one file in the zip file and it reads the content of the file without having to save it.

You have to add code such as doing a check if the ZipEntry is a file or folder in case you have different file types in your zip file.

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