Android Studio Shortcuts

Got these from Android Easy Things blog site, can definitely help any Android Studio developer by being more productive knowing the various shortcuts rather than be stuck trying to look for them within menus.

Go to class CTRL + N
Go to file  CTRL + Shift + N
Navigate open tabs ALT + Left-Arrow; ALT + Right-Arrow
Look up recent files CTRL + E
Go to line CTRL + G
Navigate to last edit location CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE
Go to declaration CTRL + B
Go to implementation CTRL + ALT + B
Go to source F4
Go to super Class CTRL + U
Show Call hierarchy CTRL + ALT + H
Search in path/project CTRL + SHIFT + F

Programming Shortcuts:-

Reformat code CTRL + ALT + L
Optimize imports CTRL + ALT + O
Code Completion CTRL + SPACE
Issue quick fix ALT + ENTER
Surround code block CTRL + ALT + T
Rename and Refractor Shift + F6
Line Comment or Uncomment CTRL + /
Block Comment or Uncomment CTRL + SHIFT + /
Go to previous/next method ALT + UP/DOWN
Show parameters for method CTRL + P
Quick documentation lookup CTRL + Q
Delete a line CTRL + Y
View declaration in layout CTRL + B

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