Printout 24

Why a continuous ink system? It is a low-cost substitute for inkjet cartridges which in contrast to conventional cartridges, the continuous ink system uses very large ink tanks that are connected via hoses with the print head.

The container can be simply filled, often even no extra accessories are needed. In short, you can save a lot.

The inkjet printer industry considers the CISS HP as a danger for the sale of ink cartridges while users with high volume demand lower ink costs.

The result is neck and neck, meaning the manufacturers change the ink composition, chips and cartridge models so often that the CISS manufacturer have much troubles, to keep up with the development.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers get this. Printout 24 offers the current output of the chips to customers and therefore only work with the largest and famous manufacturers. To avoid that the chips of the cartridges at every refill must be reset, manufacturers used their own chips which automatically reset their level like auto reset chips. Their systems have almost exclusively such chips.

Manufacturing is in accordance to ISO 9001 certification and all items will be sent mostly on the same day of the order!

  • With these premium ink, customers have following advantages:
    No universal ink, that may have poor printing results, but the high-quality ink that is particular customized to your printer!
  • No junk-ink, with which the print heads clog fast, but one of the best inks of the world with that you can’t do anything wrong!
  • No falsified colors and frayed edges, but printing and color fidelity by the high quality brand ink! No fading the colors after shortest time!
  • No wrong saving: Now save by the ink, later spend much more money for the new print heads, you buy maybe the best refill ink worldwide – InkTec ink!

Check out these CISS for HP.

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