There may be cases where you want to download the whole audio file before loading it into the HTML5 Audio widget.

In my case, while it is easy to just set the URL to the source of the HTML5 Audio widget, it does not work if the URL is cross-domain.

Downloading the whole binary was the only solution that I came up with.

This can be done using plain Javascript. With JQuery however, there seems to be no way to do this because AJAX calls return a response type of string. Using traditional Javascript is no problem anyway.

See following code:

That’s it!

I am a huge fan of Inspector Gadget and when I found out there is a game for the iTouch, I immediately downloaded it. Rather than be excited for endless fun, I was dismayed that I did not like this game. Not much to offer actually. You see Inspector Gadget running endlessly avoiding obstacles, jumping and defeating enemies along the way.

That’s it.

This fast-paced adventure where the Inspector uses his collection of gadgets to chase down Dr. Claw and his henchmen and save his niece Penny did not really excite me that much. In short, I was disappointed.

For Inspector Gadget fans like me, even with the bad game play there are some bonus stuffs that come with it like 10 of the best FULL TV episodes, unlocking and unscrambling an image to reveal the elusive Dr. Claw’s face, a GoGoGadget ringtone, gadget soundboard, concept art samples and a retina display graphics for iPhone 4 users.

This is by far the best looking CAPTCHA I have encountered in the Internet. The Ajax Fancy Captcha from Web Design Beach is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. A new, intuitive way of completing verify humanity tasks features dragging capabilities in order to provide the correct answer rather than typing in letters of words.

And you do not just drag about anywhere. You have to drop it within the circle provided where it says DROP HERE.

Its basic design and elements are easy to change and customize to fit your site’s theme. This is FREE. I repeat, FREE ;).

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