Now, this was a surprise. Angry Birds and Star Wars. How can these two co-exist? Well, it seems Lucas Arts and Rovio found a way and I am uberly excited once it is available next month (November 8).

The game will show familiar scenes from Star Wars movies but the feel will still be true to the Angry Birds brand. The idea for the game came up around the time Rovio released Angry Birds Space, a collaboration with NASA.

The game will be based around the Angry Birds Space version of the title, with the birds replaced by Rebel Alliance stars like Luke, Han, Ben Kenobi and Leia, while the stormtrooper pigs will be marshalled by a suitably porcine version of Darth Vader.

The planets will be from the Star Wars universe like Tatooine and the icy planet Hoth. There have not been any teasers on how the game looks like but the cinematic intro for an Angry Bird jedi was awesome!

Now … will the birds be able to talk? Or will the pigs do … Maybe the pigs could say “May the pork be with you …”

Check out the teaser animation below.

When I read about Rovio planning to create a new game that features the Angry Birds’ nemesis, the pigs, I thought that they would make a game that pits the players against the birds.

Seems like that was not the case when I installed the app. Instead, you construct ways for the pigs to accomplish a level’s accomplishments, like getting the map without blowing up something, or making sure you get a star or finishing it within the allotted time.

At first I did not understand how to get 3 stars because no matter how much I tried different variations, I still was not able to get all 3 stars. However, as I played along I figured that the game play is a bit the same as how you get all 3 stars in Spy Mouse.

After that, it was all fun for me since I knew how to get the 3 stars, it was all a matter of trying to gem them all in every level.

But I have to admit, not all levels are easy especially the special levels where you get to try to construct using a lot of materials.

Create the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/crashing device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs!

The game has some other quirky things like when you drag items anywhere on the screen, the pig’s eyes follow where your finger is dragging the item.

While the hype surrounding Rovio’s new game may not be the same as Angry Birds, overall it is actually quite good.

Good news Angry Birds fans! There is a new upcoming game and it will be totally different than ever! The setting will be in the International Space Station and given that this will be in space, the laws of physics applied is going to be different than on Earth.

Trajectories will no longer be a result from free falling, but from cleverly controlling your bird, launched from a slingshot of course, through gravitational fields and maneuvering via a jetpack.

Excited? I am!

Enough said. Check out this YouTube video showcasing the first ever game announcement and gameplay footage from space brought to you by NASA and Don Pettit from the ISS.

Thank you Rovio!

Oh yeah, one more thing. So when is this going to be available? March 22! Tweeeee!

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