I was disappointed when I tried to view my house plan using Adobe PDF Reader in my Android phone because now all details were displayed. There were lines on the side that were hidden. Considering that Adobe made the PDF format quite famous, one would think there would be no problems loading them.

In the iOS, it is ok but in Android it does not. So I had to look for other alternatives. ezPDF Reader while not free actually displayed every detail of the PDF file that I wanted to look into. So now, this is my official PDF reader app for my Android device.

If you think Adobe’s PDF Reader app displays some of your PDF files, you will come to a point where one of your PDF files does not get displayed correctly. There is a reason why some apps are paid and that is because they offer more powerful features than what a free app can give.

I give ezPDF Reader a thumbs up.

All I can say is, this app sucks. It is nowhere as complete as the iOS version. It looks like it has a certain limit as to the number of levels that is available. Say, you tap the link to the checked-in place, the browser takes over after this.

What is the app for then, right? There is even no way on how to disable that image gallery in the main UI screen. I am not going to discuss more about this since there is really nothing to discuss. If you downloaded it (even though it is free), remove it.

Download Friendcaster instead since that is also free. It has more features than even the iOS Facebook app. There are too many to mention. If you want to take a look at the feature list, visit the page in the Android Market.

I am happy though, that they made this app or else I’d get stuck to using that incomplete Facebook app for Android.

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