Which one would you choose? A laptop or a desktop? I would say it depends on the user. For a programmer like me, I would say I prefer the desktop over the laptop anytime. I can move more freely when using the desktop and it is really ideal for developing purposes.

laptops are more for presentation and style ;). At least that is how I see them. Budget wise, desktops cost cheaper and are more flexible than laptops in terms of hardware upgrades. Laptops are obviously more portable than desktops, so the more important question is whether or not you need portability.

If people in your household will want to use the computer in different rooms, a laptop is an ideal option. If you plan to move the computer infrequently, a desktop is a better buy for your money.

Still, despite the few points I mentioned it really boils down to one’s preference, where one finds a laptop or desktop of greater use than the other is up to the person.

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