Evi made headlines when Apple decided to pull the app from its App Store because it was afraid of competition.

If the app itself violated their TOS, why the hell did they approve it in the first place? They are just too damn scared Siri will be backstaged by Evi. The same way they are suing Android phone makers because of the threat they pose to the smart phone market.

I tried Evi both in my wife’s iPhone 4S and my Android-run Samsung Galaxy S2 and I tell you, the responses I got were quicker and more accurate than Siri ever did. Plus, I like the fact that Evi has an extra option to let you type rather than speak.

Anyway, Evi is gone from the App Store. If your iPhone is rooted, you can get it from Installous. I was surprised that Evi in the Android Market is free so I quickly downloaded it to see its performance with my S2.

Both S2 and iPhone 4S performed well. The responses were quick and my wife actually enjoyed using it more now than Siri.

Apple, Apple, Apple. Just cannot accept the fact that Siri got backstaged this time.

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