In line with Google’s announcement that a site’s ranking will greatly be affected if the blog template used is not mobile ready, I had no choice but to adapt to the new requirement.

I bid farewell to my MagOnWoord WordPress theme and chose to use the Flat WordPress theme as my new one.

It looks cleaner, more spacious and yes, I decided to place a logo for this blog since the feature can easily be set and/or removed.

I hope there won’t be requirements in the future anymore that may affect this blog and force me to change it again. Changing themes ain’t easy. Not when I maintain 5 blogs in total.

Then again, the Internet evolves quickly. So who knows. For now, this will be my blog’s permanent WordPress theme.

Well, the wait is finally over. An official statement from Google themselves saying they won’t update the Google PageRank toolbar anymore means the end of forced link building to gain search ranking hierarchies.

Sure, Matt Cutts said there would not be another but it seemed like early this year there was an accidental update.

Speculations kept continuing until Google’s John Mueller said in a recent Google Webmaster Hangout video that there will probably not be another Toolbar PageRank update ever. John said:

We will probably not going to be updating it [PageRank] going forward, at least in the Toolbar PageRank.

It was only a matter of time. Now people are going to focus more on Domain Authority which looks to be the next big thing when it comes to metrics and search rankings.

Check out his video here.

Halfway through 2014, I had seen well known websites that offer sponsored post services for bloggers stop and/or get penalized by Google.

There are now only a few remaining websites that are currently working for and I will give each one a short summary so you will know what to expect from them and if it is worth your time to join them.

1) SocialSpark rewards blogs with high traffic with high paying opportunities. Only U.S. based bloggers stand to greatly benefit from them because some opportunities require product sampling and I doubt their advertisers will ship to other countries. Plus majority of their advertisers only look for U.S. based bloggers.

Click the badge below to join.

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While there used to be many non-product sampling opportunities before, I noticed this year there have been less and more on product sampling opportunities.

2) Sverve provides 4 kinds of opportunities: posts, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and affiliates.

Click the badge below to join.

3) SponsoredReviews has been around since the first time I started doing sponsored posts back in 2008. However, you will get good paying opportunities if your blog’s PageRank is high. 4 is the norm. If you only have a PageRank of 3, then good luck as that is not enough.

There used to be so many high paying opportunities even for a PR3 but these days, there are so many $5 opportunities that I can barely even get a good opp from them for a year.

Click the badge below to join.

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4) Backlinks depend heavily on your blog’s PageRank so advertisers will only choose blogs that have high PR. It lets you manage where you want text links to appear. The payouts are not really that high. But hey! Every little $ helps, right?

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5) Teliad is a UK based site that offers text links, sponsored posts, info graphics and many more! They have high paying rates too and opportunities will depend heavily on your blog’s PageRank.

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6) PostJoint is more on guest blogging and I only got to find out about this when Google just penalized them. But still, it does not mean that it is the end of paid guest blogging. Considering that there are many actions that Google did that are wrong.

There still are opportunities that can be found here.

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7) LinkVehicle is still okay even though they just started rolling out their affiliate program this year. Your opportunities will depend on your blog’s PR as well.

If you do not get opportunities, then you can opt in to their affiliate program by posting referral links of various products to earn more.

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Link Vehicle

8) LinkFromBlog is flooded with very low paying opportunities with some as low as 10 cents. Unbelievable. However, if you do not care how small you will earn for every opportunity you post, then go onwards and sign up!

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Link From Blog

So far, these are the only websites this year 2014 that I am currently active with regards to monetizing my blogs. Year after year Google has been steadily penalizing here and there but don’t let that stop you.

Despite what may happen in the future with regards to sponsored posts, keep on posting good articles that fit your blog’s niche.

The Internet is huge. I know there may be other sites that work I have not mentioned here. If so, please do comment and share so that others will also know.

Everybody wants to earn a little extra, right?

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