Okay, I am not sure there are other digital cameras that have Android running inside it but as far as I know, there are none. Well, until I found out about Polariod’s new digital camera that is powered by Android.

The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera features a 3.2 inch touchscreen and the full Android app market. It boasts a 16 megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom and includes WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

Now … since we are talking about Android, this looks like an entertainment device much like the iTouch, just without phone capabilities but with a very powerful camera.

Just by looking at the photos, I would say I am impressed with this product. (photo taken from CNN)

Well, look’t here. An online simulator that can give newbies and experienced SLR users alike how their shots would fare well based on settings in either manual, aperture-priority or shutter-priority mode.

The Camera Sim online simulator has various sliders that shows results on the fly for all settings involved with an SLR camera like ISO, aperture, shutter speed and focal length.

As I said, this is a good site for newbies and inexperienced photographers to get themselves be more acquainted with the terminologies and and understand what each of them really is all about and how they affect the resulting shots.

Currently, the simulator offers only one photo but the scenery has a moving toy fan or whatever you call that. Great for practicing shutter settings. The Camera Sim is planning to launch a better version of it so do not forget to sign up to be notified.

I personally think this simulator is great . Try it out now and tweak those settings!

Nice new digicams from Sony huh? You’d think this photo was taken using Sony’s own line of DSLRs. Turns out this photo was taken by a Canon 5D Mark II. Is this normal? Or is this just how companies like Sony operate? They freelance their ad campaigns to any photographer without a care in the world what kind of camera they would use to take photos of their new line of Sonyt digital cameras?

This photo from Gizmodo shows it all. People may have absolutely no idea if you just focus on the picture itself. Once you find out the information specifics of the photo, that is where you will find some interesting tidbits.

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