TheĀ tablet PC is becoming another global phenomenon and many consumers are opting to have a multitude of wireless devices that can enhance their lifestyles from smart phones while on the move, to powerful desktop PCs in the home and now the tablet PC, a device larger than a phone but smaller than a laptop and somehow, consumers can’t believe how they survived without it. The ease to access the internet and get information is paramount as is the gaming and office functions, in fact everything a laptop can offer but without the weight and almost, what seems now, the cumbersomeness of a laptop.

The market dominance by Apple and Android operating systems for tablet PCs is set to remain for a further year as Microsoft announces that they will not be developing a long awaited Windows 8 to run their own version of a tablet operating system. Microsoft announced that they will continue to develop notepad sized versions and they are very pleased with the way Windows 7 operating system performs and have no plans yet to release a tablet operating system.

Google Android and Apple iOS are now set to dominate the market to until the end of 2012 and both will gain a significant share of this competitive market ahead of Microsoft. The tablet PC market has grown significantly in the last 12 months and the level of research and development both Google and Apple are investing in their tablet PCs means that by 2012 both could be on their second or even third generation devices before Microsoft launches their first. Google and Apple both have good levels of customer satisfaction and the release of their tablet operating systems early means that any glitches are sorted out and new developments are based on successful trials. Microsoft is renowned for releasing software that is littered with errors and the constant release of upgrade packs and service packs is testament that Microsoft, although a leading brand, does not always get it right and in this case, many in the industry suspect that Microsoft may lose its market lead if it fails to compete and bring out a rival tablet. “If 2011 is the year of the tablet wars, Microsoft will be awfully late suiting up for that battle,” Michael Gartenberg, an analyst for Gartner Inc. “It’s not a good position to be in.”

The dominance of Apple in the market place was shaken as Steve Job of Apple was misquoted and played down the competition from Google Android as he unveiled the new iPad2. The tablet PCs market is still wide open and many manufacturers are using Android operating systems to run their tablets and the list of manufacturers that are planning to produce tablet PCs include Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo, HTC and LG. These manufacturers command more dominance in the market place than just Apple, so Apple should be wary about their competitive operating systems as many tablet PC makers will be more than happy to have Android in the absence of any Microsoft alternative to Apple’s iOS.

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