sslWhen I do sideline work, I always use Apache HTTP Server as the web server and PHP as the programming language.

This, together with MySQL are totally free and you do not have to worry about money and legal issues and other annoying extra modules needed to be downloaded (say .NET if the PC does not have the framework installed).

Especially in Windows, setting these up is pretty easy (unlike unix based operating systems which is so much of a hassle). Anyway, if you plan to have your site use SSL for secure transactions, you only need 3 files (as this was my experience where the site is hosted with GoDaddy’s).

You need to do the following …

– Generate a KEY file
– Generate the CSR file.

To generate a KEY and a CSR file, you can use OpenSSL to generate them. But you first need to create a KEY file in order to create a CSR file. To generate a KEY file, do this …

There is also an option that will encrypt the KEY file although I did not opt to encrypt it because it is not supported in Windows. At least that was the error that I got in Apache server’s logs.

To generate a CSR file, do this …

To avoid confusion, it is best to use your domain name as the name of the files. Although this is not really important since the content of the files are what is really important.

Once you have the CSR file, you can then send the contents of that file to GoDaddy so they can generate you the SSL certificate file with the extension CRT.

Note that you must not delete the KEY file as it is needed when you will configure your web server to use SSL. Upon creating a CSR file, you will be asked some questions. Please take note of the following.

Common Name – this is not the owner’s name whatsoever. The correct value for this is your domain url e.g.
Organization Name – The exact legal name of your organization. Do not abbreviate
Organization Unit – Section of the organization (not really important. up to you)
City or Locality – The city where your organization is located. Do not abbreviate
State or Province – The state or province where your organization is legally located.
Country – The two-letter country code.

Ever get that frustrating MegaUpload message All download slots assigned to your country (?) are currently in use. Please try again in a few hours or install the Megaupload Toolbar for immediate access – with the toolbar installed, there are no more slot limitations for you! whenever you wish to download something? I had no choice but to look for that same file in rapidshare or some other file hosting site instead because at least they base it on the user’s I.P. then there’s a better chance for you to be able to download something than having it based on per country. Enter anonymous surfing, though I won’t go into detail what this concept is all about (as it is not the point of this post).

A good anonymous surfing service such as Anonymouse or Guardster free web proxy can be used to bypass the MegaUpload download limit. Steps to use Guardster to bypass MegaUpload Country limit are:

  1. Go to the following site:
  2. Input the MegaUpload download link in the Address text box. (where you will see http:// in the box)
  3. Uncheck (Unselect) all the options, like No Cookies, No Scripts, No Images, Hide Referrer, Hide User Agent, Hide Title, Hide Header.
  4. Click on the button “I agree an wish to surf anonymously”.

Another workaround for MegaUpload slots limit is by using Google Language Tool translation capability.

  1. Go to Google Language Tool, and scroll to Translate section. Or you can go direct to Google Translate.
  2. Input MegaUpload download link into the tex box (where you can see http://) below the “Translate a web page:”.
  3. For “from” option, the default (depending on your Google interface) English to German will do the trick, although other options will likely to allow the hack too.
  4. Click on the “Translate” after the language option, and wait for the MegaUpload download page to load, which allows you to start download immediately without the limitation by download limit per country.

GoDaddy is a hosting provider. You can either apply for a shared hosting or a dedicated server. Shared hosting means your hosting account is shared inside a server with all other customers. At least this is how I see it. A dedicated server meanwhile is like having your own server where you have total control over it. You can only access it remotely as the server itself does not have a physicality. Whatever you do with your server, just connect to it remotely. They also have this policy that since you are your own administrator, they won’t install things for you unless you apply for their maintenance fee. I encountered a problem with them before, took a lot of email exchanges before they finally gave me a good answer. If you need to add windows components like network services and others, you would need an OS installer for the components to be installed. They actually have an i386 folder in drive C in case you want to install or uninstall components. I was thinking of connecting my remote desktop application to my dvd-rom drive and install it from there but it was a good thing that GoDaddy placed that i386 folder in case we need something. Took probably 5 customer service agents exchanging emails till the last one gave me that tip, which solved my problem

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