While i was busy sorting and configuring my wordpress blogs, my site went down all of a sudden. I said to myself, “not again! what’s going to be the reason this time?”. Having a short downtime I don’t mind. But more than 10 minutes??? No way! I finally emailed them after an hour. They never said anything regarding what the problem was other than an admin was on it and fixing the issue. I tried to login to their control panel and see what the error may be. Would you believe, overload? What the … The only thing I did the previous day was upload pics. That would be a lame reason for an overload. 4 hours passed … nothing. I had to email them back, told them I’m new with them and it’s only been a few weeks and this is the second downtime I have experienced with them, happened on a weekend and this one’s worse. It was boredom last night as I couldn’t do anything with my site, didn’t even bother checking if it’s alive after 6 hours. I went to sleep instead. And now, it’s back. They are pretty bad. If you plan to get your hosting with bluehost.com, don’t, they’re the same. They have disappointed me thus far but I will still monitor how it goes since I am still new with them.

Recently, I just bought my own domain. While doing some configurations to my blog, I was surprised that suddenly my domain was not working anymore. I ping’ed it and it was not responding, so there was something wrong. I kept surfing the web if there may be downtime issues with our clients. It took me some time to decide on checking out my host provider’s website and find out that they were doing system maintenance. I emailed customer support to inform them that they should have emailed the customers so that I, for one would know in the first place what was really happening in case I would check out my site. Here was the reply.

It would take longer for the issue to be resolved if we were to do that.

Now, how the hell would them emailing me delay the issue from being resolved? That was a pretty bad answer for a very simple question.

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