GWT‘s Same Origin Policy (SOP) problem is common especially for newbies. This happens if your GWT front end client accesses a remote service that is hosted in the same local domain in your PC but having a different port.

Browsers still considers this a violation of the SOP policy. I have read that Internet Explorer has a lax web security policy so you may be able to use that without encountering this restriction. However, Internet Explorer sucks and Firefox is just too damn heavy to load even with just one tab.

So I am left with Google Chrome. You can run Google Chrome with web security disabled but I would advise you to create it as a shortcut in Windows and create an alias in Mac OS. Here is how I did them.


  1. right click anywhere on your desktop, choose New > Shortcut
  2. then type this in the text field C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –allow-file-access-from-files –disable-web-security
  3. click OK


  1. open Terminal
  2. edit your .profile file
  3. add this to the end of the file alias chromegwt=’/Applications/Google\\ Chrome –disable-web-security’
  4. save file
  5. close Terminal window or open a new Terminal window tab then type chromegwt and you should then see Google Chrome launch without web security.

Note: you can rename it any name you want. I just used chromegwt so I would know that this Chrome is used only for GWT purposes.

Remember not to use this same browser when browsing the web as it can lead to disastrous results.

I had a PDF file that I wanted to extract a few snippets of text from but I just did not want to open up the application that is compatible to it.

While Quick Look lets users view the contents of the files in one’s Mac without having to launch applications, selecting the text to copy them is a different story.

I tried to look at the available options in the Mac OS user interface for any possible option to do just that but I could not find any.

I did find a solution in the MacWorld website contributed by Keir Thomas where you can copy and paste a snippet of text without actually having to open the associated application. Thank you by the way Keir! Your tip is simply helpful!

To make text selectable in Quick Look previews, you need to enable a setting in the Finder option. However, it is not in the user interface. You have to run a command in the Terminal application.

The Finder should restart after this and now you should be able to select text in Quick Look previews even with PDF documents and copy it. If you decide not to have this feature, just run this line in the Terminal application.

The Google Talk voice plugin eats up a good amount of RAM. If you do not use it, then you might as well uninstall it to free up resources.

Go to /Library/Application Support/Google/ and click the un-installer application there. That should do the trick.

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