Last Friday, I joined Accenture’s seminar about Windows 8 application development. The speaker was not really that good but of course I did learn some things.

Windows 8 is really something new. I have not tried it first hand since I do not like using beta softwares, I was satisfied just by watching the demo.

Now, as far as developing Windows 8 Metro styled apps, the speaker said to be consistent. He has a point and I totally agree with him.

Then again, I thought to myself, in order to grasp the consistency of developing Metro styled apps, I have to use Windows 8 itself so that I could understand how the new operating system works.

The speaker also demoed a short sample on how to create a Windows 8 app. Simple and the template for tiles is already there by default. That made me laugh a bit because I tried to make an app that mimicked the Windows 7 phone tile user interface, using someone else’s sample code.

Windows 8 is interesting and has great potential. I really am interested to learn about this and convert my Android apps to Windows format. However, my PC in the company sucks because it is slow so learning Windows 8 will have to take a raincheck for now.

Still, despite the not so good speaker, it was a good topic and I learned some new things.

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