A few days ago, when I read the headline of an article that Google surpassed Apple as the most valuable brand in the world, it did not surprise me. They were bound to catch up sooner or later.

Google has been innovating so many different things. While Apple? It cannot be denied that they were the first who took the bold step in producing touch screen devices but after that, they have been in a slow pace.

People keep saying because Steve Jobs had passed away that Apple has not been innovating after that. I do not agree.

Just like how computers came to be, the models have been the same ever since. Only the hardware kept upgrading.

This is the same case as smartphones and tablets and Apple has been stuck with these products.

True, they have made millions because of them but again, Google has many newer things and it is only fitting that their stock value rose up.

Congratulations Google! Here is hoping those exaggerated overpriced price tags of Apple devices go down. Not now for sure but in the long run, that could happen.

I never expected this day would come but it just did. Yes, I posted late about this but it was because I was busy during the holidays that I never got to run this app during my very long vacation.

When I learned about it, I thought they upgraded Installous to a new version. But I wondered why there were no updates inside Cydia. I knew something was up so I searched Google and found out to my dismay that Installous is discontinuing its service.


Too bad. Tsk.

I believed Apple had the edge because people especially noobs can easily install cracked games in their jailbroken iDevices without having to worry about looking for specific games. If it is a paid app in the App Store, then it is bound to be also inside Installous.

I did not mind those annoying captcha whenever I open up a download link, whether dead link or not. True. There may be other alternatives there like VShare but the user interface sucks.

Many users are definitely sad while anti-piracy advocates are happy. Who knows, maybe they were the cause of this shutdown.

RIP Installous. It was a good run while it lasted.

Finally, Android users need not despair. Electronic Pages launched its Electropages Android app to deliver real time news to estabished component buying engineers and designers worldwide.

Sure, one can view such news in their website. But considering that majority of us nowadays use smartphone, it is imperative that users get updated anytime, anywhere.

Apps are one way for users to check up on news and updates and ElectroPages finally gave Android users the convenience to check up on real time news regarding products that benefit designers, engineers and many others interested to learn about specific topics.

Look at Electronics News as a press release platform that whenever such new product details emerge, those running the app will then be able to read up on the news itself.

This app brings buyers and sellers together within a dedicated professional forum that delivers the right information to the right person at exactly the right time.

When it comes to technology, being updated is a necessity. Using the app, users can gain direct access to exclusive content from premier providers like Mouser, Farnell element-14, RS Components and Digi-Key along with options to Buy Direct.

Not only that, there are also videos with a catalog of hundreds of educational videos designed for engineers and designers. From an information standpoint, this is not just a platform for news but also contains a plethora of resources to helping electronics engineers and designers source new electronics products.

The good thing about this app is that it is free so go give it a download.

Information is critical in the technology industry. I am glad ElectroPages did not leave Android users behind iOS. The app is pretty easy to navigate. Everything is self explanatory.

I am sure you will not have a hard time using the app. In case you are interested, you can also get the iOS version of this Electropages iPhone app.

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