Wii games just keep getting better and better. First, there were simple sports games. This time, how would you want to play a soccer game of 5 on 5 or 11 on 11? With FIFA 11, that is possible. FIFA 11 for the Wii comes with two core flavors of soccer. The first is the standard 11-on-11 while the second option is a 5-on-5 offering that is unique to this game.

The 5-on-5 street-style gameplay features power-ups and game modifiers that switch things up from the normal standard of play. All of the games in the Hit the Streets mode take place on non-soccer pitch environments, think arcade style fighting game environments. You will find locales that look like a Moroccan jail with a dirt-covered pitch and no apparent exit to a playing field that looks more like a basketball gymnasium than anything else. Weird right? But this only adds up to how cool this game really is.

The graphics in Wii FIFA 11 are impressive as far as Wii graphics are concerned. It always amazes me when the graphics are textured compared to polygon based models. It just does not look realistic unless they get texturized. The sound effects simply fuels the players like they are playing real soccer. The menus are well-designed, especially the Streets to Stadiums hub and they are not hard to get used to.

I would say EA Sports did a good job with FIFA 11, continuing their long standing tradition of creating great sports nintendo wii games and this is one of them.

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I have always wanted to buy a Nintendo DS Lite because of Mario. But until now I have never bought one because I still feel that the price is very expensive. When I went home for Easter, my aunt accidentally left her Nintendo DS Lite in our house so it was the perfect chance for me to play some games.

There was no Mario so I tried all the other games instead like Metal Slug and Ice Age 3. Sadly, I was disappointed with the graphics. The game play was not so challenging too and the top screen was just plain useless. I know some games do make use of the other screen but I somehow find it annoying instead.

I already saw a Super Mario game before when a friend of mine played it and even that game I was not so impressed with the graphics. I just liked it because it is Mario. All games are good when it’s Mario. But that is just me. What also annoyed me was that there is no joystick head like in the PSP. I had an uncomfortable time moving characters around. The PSP experience is much better.

We all have different preferences. After that short stint of playing a DS Lite with my bare hands, I feel like my PSP is a much better investment that a Nintendo DS Lite.

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