KES 2011 is Coming Soon!
It is now only a matter of days, the KES 2011 event is coming soon! KES, short for the Korea Electronics Show showcases research and development suppliers such as universities, research firms and research institutes to market their products.

It is also a chance for consumers and potential clients to get a glimpse of what is new in the tech industry today. Without natural resources or infrastructure, currently the strength in the Korean IT industry lies in its ability to develop technology.

The KES will be the best place for them to showcase their end results. Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011 for more details.

Around 50,000 local visitors are scheduled to attend as well as 2,000 foreign buyers including distributors from India, Russia, Canada, Japan, China and Indonesia.

This event will not only be holding a huge electronics expo, but also various conferences and talks on future government policies regarding IT and various government ministries. Even the Ministry of Defense plans to meet various firms about installing IT systems on ships, while the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will be looking to find IT solutions on growing cabbage. How’s that?!

It is the show to definitely be at aside from the CES event in the U.S. Korea is well known around the world as a technology juggernaut. The KES is one of the best places to check out what is new in the tech world.

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
There is the CES in America. But if you dig deeper, the home of technology is really in Korea. Is it? Well, to quench your curiosity, the best opportunity to verify this claim is always to see it with your own eyes. Korea hosts an annual electronics show where one can witness hundreds of new technological products being showcased to the world.

It is through this event where people can get to see new products of tech companies before they hit the market. Companies worldwide and as far as Russia, China and India will participate in the show.
Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
If you are a mere spectator, then this event surely should not be missed. If you want to showcase your product to the world, this event is the one for you. Considering this event is about new technological products from different companies worldwide, your brand will get exposed to a wider and broader audience.

Any product belong to ICT, imaging and solutions, multimedia and home entertainment, living consumer electronics, car electronics and securities, convergence and other applications, modules, parts and materials and many more.

If you have been to CES, then the KES event should even bring you more surprises. Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011 to find out more details regarding the schedules of activities. See you there!

High Quality Voice Recording

Voice recorders are nothing new. You definitely see them on TVs and interviews. They are used to record speech for later playback or to be typed into print. From tape recorders to voice recorders, they have evolved into digital voice recorders and the recording and playback of today’s gadgets are as impressive as ever.

If you plan to buy a voice recorder, better not waste your money on low cost and low quality types. The result may not be appealing to you because you may not hear clearly on playback.

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Its recording is actually compatible with every telephone and cell phone available and can accommodate up to 260 hours of long time recording. That is a lot, right?! The package comes with earphones, a battery pack, manual to help get you started right away, metal clip and USB cable for easy transfer to and from your PC.

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