zipThe ZIP compression file format has been quite common in the computing world today. It is even incorporated within Mac OS itself. Back when storage space was small, compression was mainly used to group tons of files and divided into smaller files to fit into diskettes. Now, compression is mainly used to group files together as one file. You can zip files in Mac OS either using the UI or through the command line. This neat article Create ZIP Archives in Mac OS X has some great tips and insights when doing zip compression in Mac OS. When using zip compression, Mac OS X file elements are retained if encoded and decoded using the correct tools. Compression can save storage and bandwidth (when sending or downloading files in the internet). The zip format can be decoded on nearly any system which means compressing it in zip format can always be read in other systems that support the file format for compressing and decompressing files.

Zip compression in Mac OS has some cons of its own. The Finder does not support the creation of encrypted archives. What it is capable of, is only the standard compression. There are no file checksums to verify content as well and the Finder does not support modifying existing archives. Still, despite these cons, the zip compression in Mac OS provides users a quick and nifty tool to compress groups of files together quickly and easily.

amAn activity monitor can prove useful to your laptop and/or desktop especially if you are doing backup and/or restore. A good backup and restore application is called NetBackup and it is handy at doing this sort of thing. Backup and restore activity purposes can be monitored using an activity monitor. It is available in both UNIX type and Windows operating systems. What it does is it lists all jobs and processes that are tracked by NetBackup, whether its status is queued, active or finished. By using the activity monitor you can even cancel individual or running jobs.

All information you need to see and know can be found within the GUI. Its friendly user interface itself will not give you a hard time locating the information that you are looking for. Every specific information is captured and displayed in full detail to you. The activity monitor has a whole other set of features for monitoring daemons, services and processes. Apart from having the capability to display their status, it also lets you be able to kill any of them, start or stop. A report feature is also available, so you can get a good idea of the status backup and restoration as well as all jobs and services linked to it.

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Smartie Computers is not just any ordinary full service IT firm. Their clients include both startup and huge corporate firms so this tells a lot about them. They have even partnered with reputable well known companies like Microsoft, Intuit and GenaWeb. All services are given at affordable prices. You can call them up for any troubles, concerns and requests anytime since they are up 24/7 everyday. Smartie Computers Minnesotas Computer Repair, for all your IT services needs.

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