ruby_railsI have never bothered studying Ruby nor Rails because of its ever confusing ways to even install it in your system, whether they be in Windows or Mac OS. Really. I managed to install part of it in Windows, and made a simple application but got stuck at a certain point where I gave up. When a friend of mine told me to study it because the Ruby industry is pretty big and can offer big cash driven development opportunities, I gave it another try to install it. This time in my Mac OSX.

I still had a hard time again. But voila! I read that Mac OS Leopard comes with Ruby and Rails. Even its previous version Tiger comes with it. So I guess I can start learning right away. But before that, just to make sure, update the following Ruby related technologies with the latest version. The following commands will do just the thing.

Those are it. Now you are ready to go and start learning Ruby and Rails.

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