Seems the age of 3d-glasses TV is short lived. Toshiba is diving headfirst in glasses-free technology with a 55-inch flat-panel high definition television.

The Toshiba 55LZ2 uses a technology called lenticular lenslets that, with using a built-in camera can accommodate up to 9 viewers by identifying faces and direct different images to all the eyes in the room.

Still, the price seems a big discouraging. Too expensive! Around $11,000 in the United States. This tv though features four times the resolution of 1080p at an astounding 3840 by 2160 pixel resolution, otherwise known at Quad-HD.

The high definition television also includes auto-calibration functionality for getting an accurate 3D image, an integrated Freeview HD tuner, USB-HDD recording and DLNA compatibility. Viewers can also access apps for YouTube, Cartoon Network, the BBC iPlayer, Dailymotion, Viewster and Woomi using WI-FI.

For the rich, this looks to be chicken for them. With prices like these, I do not think they would be picked up by just about anybody. Impressive, yes. But so pricey.

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