Now, after seeing this video all I can say is I was impressed! But if it was really magic that Marco Tempest did, seemed unbelievable. Could it have been just a combination pre-recorded video and fast reflexes to move around his presentation?

Either way he did a tremendous job and I enjoyed watching every second of it. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Amazing quality with the push of a button. The FlipVideo Ultra HD comes with image stabilization for incredibly clear and steady HD video. My client gave me this 8gb device that can shoot almost 2 hours worth of straight video … in HD!

HD video redefined through smooth, crystal-clear HD video that looks incredible under any condition, no complicated settings required. The device connects with an application called FlipShare which lets you easily organize, create and share videos online.

This model is 4.16″ X 2.11″ X 0.88″ in size with 2x digital zoom, comes with a lithium ion battery and a USB port to let you charge your FlipVideo and/or transfer videos to and from your computer. This gadget does not take still photos although you can use FlipShare to easily extract a frame which will serve as your still photo.

The user interface is pretty simple. Press the red button to start recording and press again to stop. The two buttons on the side are for deleting and viewing movies. They are self explanatory. Portable, handy and affordable. Best of all, I got this for FREE! he he he.