Last Friday, I joined Accenture’s seminar about Windows 8 application development. The speaker was not really that good but of course I did learn some things.

Windows 8 is really something new. I have not tried it first hand since I do not like using beta softwares, I was satisfied just by watching the demo.

Now, as far as developing Windows 8 Metro styled apps, the speaker said to be consistent. He has a point and I totally agree with him.

Then again, I thought to myself, in order to grasp the consistency of developing Metro styled apps, I have to use Windows 8 itself so that I could understand how the new operating system works.

The speaker also demoed a short sample on how to create a Windows 8 app. Simple and the template for tiles is already there by default. That made me laugh a bit because I tried to make an app that mimicked the Windows 7 phone tile user interface, using someone else’s sample code.

Windows 8 is interesting and has great potential. I really am interested to learn about this and convert my Android apps to Windows format. However, my PC in the company sucks because it is slow so learning Windows 8 will have to take a raincheck for now.

Still, despite the not so good speaker, it was a good topic and I learned some new things.

It is easy to populate the XML contents into a ListPicker control in Windows Phone.

Let us say this is how your XML looks like

See code below.

The solution is very easy actually but usually hounds new Windows Phone developers when they start with XAML. Just make sure your ResourceDictionary tag is first in your Application.Resources tag.

I encountered this problem because I declared the internationalization resource file first and then resource dictionary second (see code below).

By transferring the ResourceDictionary tag to the top, that fixed the problem.

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