It always annoys me whenever I call customer support and they put me on hold for so many minutes. Sure! I can take probably a minute or two. But more than that? No way!

Bet you heard of the phrase “time is gold”. Yes. Time is gold. Nobody wants their time wasted and waiting for so many minutes till customer support gets back to you can be a frustrating experience. And it happens quite often!

Which is why the #HoldNoMore movement is the perfect situation to try and hopefully minimizing putting clients on hold for so many minutes. This consumer movement seeks to amplify the voice of the frustrated masses in hopes of driving chance in the way companies treat their customers on call lines.

If companies would give me a huge discount for every minute wasted in my life then I do not mind. Then again, that is just wishful thinking, right?

Companies spend trillions of dollars a year in call centers to provide the 1-800 number to consumers– a channel that consumers hate using. Let’s demand a better use of these dollars and help transform the state of customer service for good.

Let us all chip in and do our part by helping spread the word on this movement. With enough media attention, like countless other consumer rights ‘movements, we can collectively demand that companies be held accountable for making us wait on hold to resolve our issues.

  • Here are a few facts on why we hate the dreaded 1-800:
    American consumers have wasted over 60 million precious hours waiting on hold. The average American’s life span is approximately 683,806 hrs (78 years old) – that’s 88 lives lived and lost! [Fonolo]
  • 270 billion customer service calls are handled annually, with roughly 50 percent unresolved [Frost]
  • 85% of consumers are put on hold [TalkTo]
  • 67% hang up – that’s 67% of consumers being unanswered, alone, and frustrated [Consumer Report]
  • 48% believe the customer service representatives who answer phone calls are not helpful. [TalkTo]
  • 85% of consumers are dissatisfied with their phone experience [Gartner]
  • 69% said they were on hold for too long [Harris]
  • The most cringe-worthy phrases customers don’t want to hear [Amex Survey]
  • “We’re unable to answer your question. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to speak to a representative from xxx team.”
  • “We’re sorry, but we’re experiencing unusually heavy call volumes. You can hold or try back at another time.”
  • “Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold.”

Bet some of these are very familiar to you. And sometimes it drove me nuts! Let us spread the word about this movement and how it can greatly help consumers not to have their lives wasted just being put on hold!

Tell your friends and spread the word!

ATT invented the 800 number, this group wanted to bring this to light in a humorous demonstration/protest

Property of the Holdnomore.org

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