Oh man, this is one huge update. The total file size that my system is downloading totals to almost 600MB. Now that, is big. I cannot remember when I did download an update but this one is sure to take long. Mac OSX’s update process is annoying.

While it is normal to restart your system, it is irritating to wait while the update is being installed after the reboot. This should be done after the download. Instead, you have to wait till it finishes installing. It should behave like how Windows does it with its updates.

Anyway, enhancements for this update include improved Microsoft Exchange reliability, a variety of performance and stability improvements, security fixes, a couple of Bluetooth tweaks, and in answer to some Mac Pro owners’ prayers – systems with a Mac Pro RAID Card from early 2009 can now be put to sleep (Apple Menu > Sleep).

10.6.5 also comes with many security fixes, vulnerabilities in everything from Adobe Flash to MySQL to Apache.

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