nokia_2700After some ordinary phones that I had before, I managed to strike gold when my mobile provider informed me I could get a new set of phones for being loyal and paying on time (how about that). Out of all the phones available, the Nokia 2700 was the only one that stood out from the rest. The colors at 65k are slick and graphic displays are very fine.

While I never really care much about it these nowadays (unlike before when I wanted some high-end Symbian OS phone so I could play games), I only use my mobile phone for texting and calling. A black and white phone was what I had until I changed it to Nokia 2700. The phone offers quite a lot of good features. Plus it comes with a 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth, FM radio and 64MB of internal phone memory. As always, Nokia provides easy and friendly user interface to navigate through its various settings.

The operating system is Symbian OS but I think it is a limited version since it can only play Java compiled games. I was hoping that it could support native games compiled specifically for Symbian OS. Still, with such features as bluetooth, FM radio and camera, the Nokia 2700 is already a steal for me especially that I got 2 more of them for my wife and brother, all for free!

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