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I have to admit I was impressed when 3D printers were first introduced. But the problem back then was that they were costly. Lately, I have seen many of these being introduced at affordable prices, especially those from Makism 3D Corp.

Now anybody can own a 3D printer and make their 3D visions a reality.

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Makism 3D Printers offers an innovative product family of consumer grade printers for hobbyists and professionals alike. Bringing this truly advanced form of personal manufacturing into the living rooms of makers around the globe is what sets them apart from the rest of the 3D printing competition.

The Wideboy product line of printers is designed to empower organizations and individuals to affordably create high quality individually manufactured prototypes, parts and objects, rapidly and with a high degree of precision.

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Its physical design is simple, minimalist yet elegant in design that fits any office or professional space. They feature high quality British/German engineered components and come ready to use directly out-of-the-box so even non-techie users will not have to pain themselves into reading manuals to make it work.

Using it is as easy as 1-2-3!

Check out these Makism 3D Products to start with and share it your friends in your social network pages to spread the word about Wideboy and its 3D printing prowess.

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Say what? I rarely get impressed on such innovative inventions but this one is one of those rare exceptions. When I read about this in an article in CNN, I was pretty impressed.

As described in CNN, the 3Doodler plugs into an electrical outlet and works sort of like a glue gun. As the pen draws, it oozes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies, allowing its user to build an infinite variety of patterns and shapes. Its makers say it works on surfaces or in the air.

Now, they only asked around 30 grand for an initial Kickstarted campaign. After a few hours, they had a total of more than a million! Impressive! People indeed saw great potential in this product and even I would surely donate if I have loads of cash with me.

So how does the 3-D pen actually creates a solidified version of the one being drawn by the user? Users load spaghetti-like strands of non-toxic ABS plastic – the same stuff that’s in 3-D printers into the back of the pen. Each one foot strand of plastic, available in a wide range of colors, can produce about 11 feet of moldable material.

I wonder how much this will cost in the retail market but it will surely be cheaper compared to 3-D printers. I might buy one myself. Kids are lucky these days. So many inventions, so many things to enjoy!

If you want a sure fire way to get one and have it delivered to you, you can donate to their fundraiser. Check out their Kickstarter page to find out more details!

Seems the age of 3d-glasses TV is short lived. Toshiba is diving headfirst in glasses-free technology with a 55-inch flat-panel high definition television.

The Toshiba 55LZ2 uses a technology called lenticular lenslets that, with using a built-in camera can accommodate up to 9 viewers by identifying faces and direct different images to all the eyes in the room.

Still, the price seems a big discouraging. Too expensive! Around $11,000 in the United States. This tv though features four times the resolution of 1080p at an astounding 3840 by 2160 pixel resolution, otherwise known at Quad-HD.

The high definition television also includes auto-calibration functionality for getting an accurate 3D image, an integrated Freeview HD tuner, USB-HDD recording and DLNA compatibility. Viewers can also access apps for YouTube, Cartoon Network, the BBC iPlayer, Dailymotion, Viewster and Woomi using WI-FI.

For the rich, this looks to be chicken for them. With prices like these, I do not think they would be picked up by just about anybody. Impressive, yes. But so pricey.

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