There was 3G. And now there is 4G. The number refers to the number of generation on mobile communication technology standards. It is a successor to the third generation aptly known as 3G which means connections that run on 4G networks should be uber fast compared to 3G.

These days as data gets bigger and larger, we all need a very fast Internet connection to get what we want in a few seconds.

So, why bother getting 4G? You can access the Internet without being tied to a phone line or cable outle. This means, wherever you are you will always be connected to the world wide web.

There are many 4G providers today but you should choose one that offers affordable rates that cater to your budget. Check out Vivid Wireless USB modem or ViViFi Wi-Fi hotspot for Internet access out and about.

They are independent of the other telecommunication networks which means they plug you straight into their network without third party delays or external technical issues. And let’s not forget the possible extra charges because of middle men.

All you need to do is buy a Vivid wireless internet device, choose a data plan or bundle and activate your device. It’s that easy! Check it out!

Aw crap. Just when I was so excited that the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be arriving in Asia by June, here comes news in Engadget that the president of Samsung’s mobile communication division is telling everybody to expect an “enhanced” LTE Galaxy Tab sometime later this year.

According to the article from Engadget, Shin said that Samsung is already in talks with US and South Korean carriers to launch the 4G tablet. He also teased a third version of the wildly popular Galaxy S handset series for the first half of 2012.

A proclamation arriving on news that the delectable Galaxy S II has just set a record for the fastest selling smartphone in Korea after unloading one million handsets in the first month of domestic sales.

Some interesting news here at ABC News. Just a few weeks after the tech blog Gizmodo made headlines with an exclusive story about a leaked prototype of a next generation Apple iPhone, a Vietnamese tech blog has published pictures of what it says are another leaked iPhone 4G prototype.

The newest photographs and video surfaced on the Vietnamese forum Taovet did not say where the allegedly leaked phone came from, but the tech blog MacRumors said the person who sent them the link to the Vietnamese post told them a businessman had purchased it in the U.S., along with an iPad. According to the translation of a commenter on Engadget, it was purchased for $4,000.

Whoa! Man … I guess a few days from now, we will read more news about Taoviet and who knows, Apple might make a move again. While Apple is known for notoriously being secretive about upcoming products. This has now happened twice in just a few weeks. Makes me wonder, hmm ….

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