Okay. So why did I call this lame? The RAM damn it! I was hoping they would boost it up to 1GB right away. Just because the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM does not mean they had to lower the specs of the gaming device.

I mean, if that is so, why the hell did they jump the camera specs to 5MP? That is their decision, true. And my decision is I ain’t going to get this 5th generation iTouch because of the RAM issue.

If this was 1GB, I would definitely have bought one right away. But upon finding out that it only has 512MB of memory, screw Apple. I ain’t wasting my money on this one.

The iPad 2 is now officially on sale and iFixIt went right to work by dismantling it to see the internal hardware parts. The one thing I was so keen on knowing is how much RAM does the iPad 2 have. I expected it would be 1GB to counter its competitors’ tablet products that boast 1GB of RAM.

It is now official. The iPad 2 has only 512MB of RAM which is very disappointing. I have read comments in other sites that said 512MB is enough. Yes. That is true. It is enough for 1 year only. Once a new iOS version comes out, the hardware requirements increases.

I am looking at this from a long term basis point of view. If the RAM was 1GB, then I do not have to worry about thinking that whenever there will be a new iOS version released, my current iPad 2 will perform slow. If you have lots of money, then go ahead and buy an iPad every year.

I look at a product that I think I can keep long term and I hoped that the iPad 2 is the one. Sad to say the 512MB is a disappointment and unless the iPhone 5 boasts 1GB of RAM, I have decided to put on hold my iPad 2 purchase.

One more thing. I think the reason Apple never mentioned the 512MB RAM is because a lot of people may be disappointed any will hold off buying an iPad 2. Sure, there will be many people buying them, but there will be some who won’t if they knew about it firsthand.

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