I thought this was a nice app but I was wrong. I felt like this is one heavy app even though the file size is not so big.

Most of the time it hangs and I am sure that my Internet was not the culprit when I tried to sync updates. I would have wanted this weather app out of the others considering that the aesthetics look very nice. I also like the fact that there are hourly forecasts on the weather which is what I really look with in a weather app.

That long syncing is just the turnoff which I am not sure if the app just hung up or is idling with no timeout alerts.

I cannot say I would recommend this. If you want to try this first, then do so. But from my experience, I uninstalled this right away and switched to Go Weather.

As for the widget, well I also did not like it. Even the widget hang up while updating data. So overall, I am not very satisfied with this.

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