ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integration of business management practices and modern technology. Information Technology integrates with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives. Consequently, ERP is an amalgamation of three most important components: business management practices, information technology and specific business objectives.

In short, ERP is a massive software architecture that supports the streaming and distribution of geographically scattered enterprise wide information across all the functional units of a business house. It provides the business management executives with a comprehensive overview of the complete business execution which in turn influences their decisions in a productive way. Think of it as integral part in streamlining a number of applications to work with each other.

Did you know that some of the leading ERP giants are famous companies that you frequently here in technology news today like Microsoft, Oracle, People Soft, SAP and UPS to name a few. While the subject of ERP defined is very broad, think of it as a company wide computer software system used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information and functions of a business from shared data stores. It relates to the integrated software infrastructure that supports the entire company business process. The result is speed. Efficiency is key and with ERP, that same efficiency increases because the company can save time and resources in the process.

You have also heard about CRM. That and ERP are two of the widely used applications that can benefit from custom application development. Such ERP integration and ERP adoption can be coursed through RSA. They will analyze your system and incorporate ERP to streamline your business processes into a cohesive unit. They offer security solutions for business acceleration. Check out their site for more information and details regarding their services.

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