If you are an avid gadget lover who is constantly on the hunt for new gadgets out in the market, Gadget Advisor provides all that. Rather than seeping through lots of news, it provides you with the latest and up to date stuffs considered the best, are displayed to you so you can be sure that items displayed are the top gadgets. The site looks professional and clean. Navigating around is pretty much easy. After some surfing through the site, I could tell the theme looks like a blog rather than some sort of commercial site.

After checking its computer software section, wanting to check on the best Windows software downloads for a video converter, I chanced upon a review for Blaze Media Pro. Good review for a great all in one software. I also stumbled upon some of the best Firefox extensions. Of course, these can all be found in Firefox’s website but I barely go there. Upon checking it out, I did manage to install one of them, the AdSense checker, which lets you keep track of your AdSense earnings without having to login to your AdSense account. Pretty Cool.

You can subscribe to their RSS feed if you wish to be updated all the time rather than having to go to their site to check out any new updates.

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