I did write before about playing Naruto Shippuuden Legends: Akatsuki Rising for the PSP. I did not expect though that I would be writing about this again. I had been stuck with playing the game over and over again in achieving the highest level of a character. My Naruto character already has a level of 99. I am trying to have Shikamaru reach 99 as well as leveling all character jutsu scrolls to their max levels.

It may take me a long time to accomplish that but I do not mind. It is quite fun to actually go over each character and play them even though you do not get to use all of their techniques when you fought against them. I just could not unlock the 1 and 9-tail characters though even though I surfed Google for ways on how to unlock them. There is just no possible way other than to probably restart the game from scratch and not fail any kind of mission even once.

Bah! I ain’t going to start from the beginning. Does not matter since I already unlocked Sai and Sasuke. This game is really good in my opinion. I just wish that they could have included all major characters like Pain and Shino. The game does not unlock even Tsunade or Jiraiya. Still, this game has kept me glued for a long time now. Should be playing Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters but I am going to be probably stuck with this game for awhile.

I finally got to play my first anime game for the PSP with Naruto Shippuuden: Akatsuki Rising. I had been waiting for a type of game that does not feature Street Fighter like game play. An adventure type of game is what I really am after. Sadly, until now, there is no such game for One Piece. When I learned about Naruto’s game, I had to download it right away and play the game.

If you have been following the manga and anime, then you would know what to expect in this game because story wise, they are the same. For hardcore gamers, they may not like this one because there is no easy or hard mode. And so far while playing the game, I used the strategy of using Naruto’s Kage Bunshin Jutsu to do attacks on his enemies. Works wonders actually.

Here is a tip. Do not start off with scenarios right away. Play around and clear the missions because as your level goes up, you have a big chance in defeating your enemies come scenario time. You can even get some cool scrolls to add to your jutsu list. Having a higher level can ensure you do not get defeated right away seeing as pausing the game in your PSP is such a hard thing to do. You would have to scroll through the menu just to pause it.

As you clear each scenario though, new characters will be unlocked though I am not sure how they could be useful as support seeing as they cannot be used. They are probably for good battle modes ala Street Fighter. The game overall has some nice features and I find it a better game when it is of the adventure type rather than those street brawl type of games as a whole.

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