Okay, let me sum this game up right away. It sucks! The graphics is bad. The sound quality is bad. The controls are bad. The game play is … boring. The word Ben 10 caught my eye right away when I was looking for good games to get for my iTouch but after installing it, I was pretty disappointed and it did not take me long to delete it.

I used to say that maybe Ben 10 fanatics may still get this game for the iTouch and play with it just for the sake of being a Ben 10 fan, but I would recommend you not to waste your money on this. It just plain sucks. You play the game as young and fearless Ben Tennyson, who discovers a mysterious alien artifact The Omnitrix,which enables him to convert into various Aliens having phenomenal abilities.

The game moves in a linear fashion, guiding your character along pathways and defeating enemies, collecting keys to unlock entrances and using Ben 10’s aliens’ special moves.

Still, I have to say it again. This is a totally bad game. They should have at least made the graphics quality awfully good, then maybe my opinion of this as a bad game may lessen.

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