Yeah! Finally hacked Ben 10: Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks to run under an old firmware in my PSP. This is my second Ben 10 game and the game play in this one is no different. However, this game now features new aliens to use at Ben’s disposal.

The story starts as Vilgax invades earth with a gigantic Null Void projector. The combined forces of the Null Void’s prisoners and Vilgax’s forces are too much for Ben, Kevin, and Gwen to handle. Ben proceeds to transform into Alien X but Paradox tells him not to use Alien X yet. And to make matters worse, some of Ben’s alien forms become unacceptable after too many quick transformations after a fight with Psyphon.

To help save the earth, Professor Paradox sends the trio back in time in order to stop Vilgax from collecting a power source for his Null Void projector. With help from Grandpa Max and Ship, Ben and company travel throughout the galaxy to foil Vilgax’s evil plan before it can come to fruition.

The game features a useful option by pressing the SELECT button to point you in the right direction rather than wandering aimlessly if you get lost in the neighborhood plus an auto select option to ease the hassle of having to manually save your progress. Using all the aliens have been good so far to me except Echo Echo, that alien is pretty boring. Still, any Ben 10 game is good so long as he can use aliens at his disposal

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