kindleThe Amazon Kindle Fire is cheap. Very cheap. It features powerful hardware with tons of e-books and apps to take advantage of. And many of them are free!

Free kindle books are available in their app store which provides a portal for all users owning Amazon Kindle Fire tablets a way to gain access to the many e-books and apps that can be read and played in the tablet.

The tablet provides the perfect screen size to read e-books on the palm of your hand. I looked at their online catalog and there are indeed many e-books that can be downloaded for free. If you think about it, it is a win-win situation for the users because many well known e-books are given away for free.

New e-books are updated daily to let users have access to the latest published books, best-selling apps, movies, news and many more!

The possibilities are endless and these free e-books all the more makes getting an Amazon Kindle Fire more than worth it. The iPad is too big of a tablet to read on an e-book. But it does not mean it is not a good fit. I am just saying the Kindle Fire is a “better” fit when it comes to e-book reading.

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