Amcom Storage as a Service solutions provide an unmatched level of flexibility for clients’ storage needs. Storage as a service can address users’ file storage, file sharing, computer backup and performance storage needs with scaleable, efficient and low risk solutions.

Advantage of getting these kinds of services is that there is no risk to the users themselves. All you need to do is backup, upload or download files and that is it. No need to worry on hardware maintenance, software upgrades and other technical concerns.

In the process, you get to enjoy the highest level of security through encrypted platforms with easy to use acces controls. Plus, by using amcom cloud storage solutions, users will experience world class data protection technology and tiered security management policies ensure privacy and integrity of all critical business files.

With SAAS, data is intelligently cached in and out of the utility storage platform thereby providing fast access to recently used data. Private and secure file exchange without having to set up unique access for each party is beneficial to users using the service.

Amcom also has an optional local cloud file server replacement solution for added functionality and file access without internet. Just in case, right? You never know.

Access anywhere, anytime and upload and download files all you want.

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