As is now standard with the release of any new Apple product, the world is beside itself at the birth of the iPhone 5.  Sales continue to soar as millions seek some of the latest Apple action.  Critics, however, say that little in the latest offering puts Apple far above its Android competition.

Many of the big selling points of the iPhone 5, such as a larger 4 inch display and 4G LTE connectivity, have been enjoyed by Android users for the best part of two years, with die-hard fans claiming that Apple is merely catching up with what Android already offers.


It’s a fact.  If you’re a bit tight for cash and due for an upgrade, you might be thinking, ‘I could sell my iPhone and trade it in for a cheaper Android phone that’s just as good.’  And why not?  Android phones are getting cheaper all the time, yet they still enjoy state of the art hardware that’s more than a match for the hardware offered by Apple.


1. Interface
The Apple interface is the same from model to model, whereas Android is designed to run on multiple devices.  This gives users an endless choice of phones and features.  Android is beautifully flexible and you can customise your device with an external keyboard if you like.

2. Storage
Bad news if your iPhone is full of files.  Good news for Android users, who can simply create additional storage using an SD card.

3.   Voice functionality
Android responds like a pro to voice commands.  Users can dictate text messages and emails and speak to their phone to get directions.  The iPhone does offer apps with turn-by-turn voice guidance, but it’s much easier to switch seamlessly into navigation when using Android.

4. Navigation
Apple has replaced the infallible Google Maps with a dubious new mapping app in the iPhone 5.  Android devices can still enjoy the best tool there is to help them get from A to B.

5. Default apps
Apple insists that you use its email app and Safari web browser by default.  Android allows you to choose any alternative browser that suits your mail, web browsing or navigation needs.

6. App support
You can run any app that comes from an Android-based app provider, rather than being restricted to the Apple store.

7. Widgets
These sit on your home screen and provide you with the information you want, when you want it.  There are widgets for breaking news, sporting events, instant messages, emails or Wi-Fi so you can customise your phone to suit your needs.


8. Google services
Android is a Google-based operating system, so it integrates perfectly with Google’s web services.  Apple’s iCloud is no match for a system in which everything is in sync.

9. Standard cables and connections
No need for a new Lightning connector with an Android phone – connect to and sync it with your computer using a standard USB cable.

10. Battery
You can change and replace the battery of an Android, but not an iPhone.

Android is giving Apple a serious run for its money, so consider switching your allegiances.  Visit the Sell iPad section and free up some cash for a new Android device.

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