Funny how these days I decided to finish playing all Angry Birds’ levels with 3 stars each. Recently, I finally conquered Angry Birds Seasons! I guess I can attribute that desire because of a bigger screen. The Angry Birds games never appealed to me when I played it with my iTouch.

With my Samsung Galaxy S2, it was a different story. I actually enjoyed playing it, later realizing how addicting it was. Man, the people behind Rovio sure are creative. After the classic game, they made the seasons versions which means that this game will never get old because each year, they always showcase new levels on certain occasions.

So far 2011 and 2012 featured a ton of levels. Imagine what else they can cook up in the coming months and years.

I actually thought at first most of the levels here are very hard to finish 3 stars with. But I attribute luck and a second round of Angry Birds Classic for me to grasp what each bird could really do and the impact that they create based on their type.

Everybody already knows how addicting this game is and they will be in the mobile world for many years to come.

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