One of the frustrating things with Mac OS is that you cannot uninstall an application completely in the sense that there will always be remnants of files scattered all around your system and unless the application comes with an uninstall application, you will have to painstakingly remove files manually by yourself for who knows how many there are.

This was the case when I tried to uninstall Norton Antivirus for Mac OS. I just wanted to see how the app works. When I found out it was useless since it never ran, I uninstalled it right away. I always use Amnesia to remove applications and all its related files but after I rebooted my laptop, it ran a Norton QuickMenu application. There I suspected that there were still remnants of it scattered around.

I searched and searched and finally, I was lucky enough to come across this page on how to uninstall Norton Antivirus for Mac OS completely. Go to this link and follow the instructions. Do not be surprised at the number of instructions that you need to do. The step by step details are very short instructions on what you need to do in your system running Mac OS.

If people tell you that Mac computers are virus free, do not believe them. They are stupid. There are actually people who still say things like that until now. While Microsoft Windows bears the brunt of all virus, malware and spyware out there it does not mean that Mac OS-run computers are safe.

The virus may not run in Mac OS but they are just waiting there idling, waiting for some USB to be inserted and plugged in some Windows-run computer. There are also Mac OS viruses but they are not that many. I believe in time they will number a lot when Apple becomes more arrogant.

There is a free antivirus software for Mac OS called iAntiVirus. The user interface is pretty simple and self explanatory you won’t have a problem using it. The iAntiVirus database has been designed from the ground up to detect and remove Mac specific threats.

This enables a high level of protection whilst keeping memory footprint and resource usage at a minimum. The iAntiVirus database is not cluttered with signatures for Windows specific threats which your Mac is immune against.

It features a variety of scan options, real time protection, quarantine and smart updates to update your virus signature list. As I said, it’s free! So it’s what makes it appealing ;).

antivirusThe best antivirus software? This question really boils down to one’s preference on the software itself. In my view, there really is no difference which antivirus is the best since no matter how feature rich the software is, if the virus signature list is not updated, your system will be hit by the virus that the antivirus does not recognize. I prefer a simple antivirus software that does not load too many unusable modules. Sure, they may be useful in some cases but I believe that they should all be disabled first and let the user manually enable module after module when he wants to.

If you are totally clueless on where to start, Star Reviews is a good place to check out. It offers reviews on some of the well known antivirus software makers including ratings on the overall product, ease of use and even customer service (yes customer service is equally important). There are lots of antivirus softwares out there, and even I cannot remember all of them (even new ones that come out). You can check Star Reviews without going to each antivirus software maker’s site to compare them from one another. You can do it all in just one site! Check it out!

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