Air Attack is the very first game that I thoroughly played in my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. This game is amazing! Featuring stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay, I wonder if I could even finish the game other than easy mode considering I did not have an easy time playing the easiest mode.

But still, this game is worth it. You choose on either 2 unique planes and upgrade them with weapons, shields and power ups to help you fight your way through hordes of enemy planes and taks. Not to mention those uber giant end level bosses.

The object of the game is to destroy your enemies and survive each mission. Simple as that.

I never had problems with the controls which is one factor why I was able to finish the game ;). If the controls are bad, man … good luck trying to finish all the levels.

I have only seen a few good HD games and most of them come from Gameloft. The creator of the game Art In Games, did a hell of a job making this one for the Android platform.


Mortal Skies is an arcade action shooter game featuring with action packed gameplay and awesome graphics. You use your finger to guide your plane destroying enemy planes and tanks and mother ships in order to clear all levels.

The lack of a virtual gamepad is what discourged me. It is easy to play games like this while not using the finger to guide the plane around the battlefield. The game features a bevy of other fighter planes that you can use but you have to buy them, which sucks.

You only need to buy more XPs if you want to upgrade your plane to be a super plane unless you are very patient in playing the same levels over and over until you accumulate many XPs to upgrade your plane.

I cannot really say I would heavily recommend this but the game ain’t half bad.

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