Funny thing about this game for the Android platform is that I finished the game where ironically I was stuck in the same game in my PSP. If you have played Prince of Persia, then this game is more of the same. Maybe the controls in the PSP did not give me enough control to move my character around. And that was in the early part of the game.

Imagine my surprise when I flawlessly surpassed that hindered obstacle that had me stuck in the PSP. Even though I played this in easy mode, the only easy thing there is how you match up against soldiers. The obstacles remain the same no matter what mode you play.

The graphics? Excellent! Gameloft has the best games available for the Android platform. Assassin’s Creed features a variety of acrobatic moves, 6 different weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks (swords, daggers, grappling hook and bombs), skill based mini games put your patience and dexterity to the test, unique dramatic tension, intensified by 3D cinematic cutscenes and character voices.

There is a little flaw here though but I am not sure if this applies to all Android devices. In my Galaxy S2, the game tends to disable the character’s move forward and jump action at some point so I had to quit the game and run it again. This movement is important as you cannot move forward to the next obstacle.

I am not sure if this was a rush of porting the game to make it compatible with the Galaxy S2. It was annoying but still, overall the game is superb! Great graphics, great music and sound effects and great game play.

It is just too bad that Altair did not have a happy ending as the ending scenes show Adha being whisked away on a ship. Oops … spoiler alert! 😉

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