azkendWhen I saw a screenshot of this game, I thought it was pretty interesting. I am a sucker for great graphics anyway. Once I started to check on it, I immediately went to the help section to know how to play the game because the last game I played that looked the same as Azkend, Treasures of Montezuma had me stuck at a certain level where the only thing that helped me finished that level and its succeeding ones was after reading the help section. After reading Azkend’s help I proceeded to play the game and here is what I can say. Its game play is the same as that of Jewel Quest, where matching tiles of the same type will have its background colored and you also have a story to follow (though not interactively).

The object of the game is to have all the tile’ background be turned to blue and the layout looks like a beehive. To match the tiles, you would have to connect them much like you do the same way in Bookworm’s iTouch version. When the entire board is blue, a broken piece of a talisman appears at the top of the game board. Before time runs out, you have to clear all the tiles below the talisman piece and have it reach to the bottom of the board. There is a timer clock on the lower right side of the screen which you must beat, else you would have to restart the level.


The game has a distinct feature such that if your match includes at least a tile that has not been covered blue, your lightning meter will increase. Once the lightning meter is full, lightning eradicates uncolored tiles for you and turns them blue. But if your match does not contain an uncolored background in any of the tiles, then your lightning meter will go empty and you will have to restart. Tiles also vary such that others can be steel tiles where you have to break an an item on it to turn it into a basic tile, an iced tile where you have to break a string of items next to it to defrost it, the tar Tile where the tile is covered with spreading tar and you would have to break a string next to it in order to remove it and a wildcard which can be used to string together any two types of tiles.

Overall, a good game for me and like other matching games that I played for the iTouch is pretty addictive.

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