This game boasts pretty impressive graphics as well as audio and music effects. Other than that, that is all there is to it with Batman Arkham Origins.

Sure, everybody loves a good fighting game but purely fighting game? Better play Street Fighter instead. This game is just that except for the upgrades and the endless fighting that you have to do in order to get upgrades, gain experience and eventually fight powerful bosses.

I would have loved this game but there is nothing else that is offered here except just fight and fight. No mission quests or anything.

My review on this is pretty short because I really did not play this game very long after a few fights. I expected more. Instead, I think watching the animated movie Batman Assault on Arkham is way better than playing this game and watching a few cinematics.


Sad. This game was supposed to be good but the gameplay made itself limited. The good thing though is that this is free and you only get to spend real moeny if you itch to go the short route and immortalize batman’s gears right away.

Other console version of this game feature action adventure type gameplay. However, its Android version only featured beat them up scenarios which I am not a fan of so it did not take long for me to uninstall this game.

I would have loved this game except for the fact that when I backed up its saved game data and restored it, it never worked!

This linear centered brawler type of game is one that I had grown accustomed with playing in my PSP. Any DC character is worth playing. The first character I used was Superman and while the version that I played had a Joker hangup problem when you reach the end of Chapter 2, I tried to level up my character in the hopes that once the fix will become available, I can continue playing it at a high level.

Heck, I did not even waste any of my power pack points just so I could buy that Superman Beyond costume when I finish the game. However, Net Marbles, the company that created the game probably configured the game to save its game progress a different way because when the Titanium Backup restore simply never worked.

Once you play the game again after a restore, it was like you really started anew. No power pack points, no skills and character attributes.

You can play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or the Flash, each with their own sets of unique active and passive skills. The are 30 support cards comprised of other DC Comics Super Heroes to support the main characters.

Mix, match and upgrade the support card hero abilities to support your main character.

I have to say that I really do not mind the repetitive gameplay in order to level up and earn power pack points. That restore game data issue really ticked me off.

Instead of liking this game, I ended up disappointed. No way am I going to play this one for the 3rd time starting anew.

batmobileThe Dark Knight: Batmobile by Warner Bros. for the iTouch lets you drive Batman’s Batmobile from the Batcave on to Gotham City. Tilt to swerve and avoid obstacles as you pick up speed in longer streets and gain momentum for when the vehicle jumps high. Once in the air, get the Batmobile to properly angle it before it reaches the ground. Time engine boosts to increase power and shave seconds off your time. How fast can you have the Batmobile reach its destination? When I played the game, I thought I was checking out some sort of tutorial before the real action begins. But once the Batmobile reached the endpoint, I was like … was that it?
The graphics are amazing. But the game is just, that. There is no other kind of game play involved. I do not know with you but I did not enjoy playing this game that much. It does not give me a sense to play it again and trying to finish it as perfect as possible and try to beat the time in the process seems to be the only purpose you may want to play it again. If only they made this an action game for Batman instead, it would have been nice. But who knows right? Maybe a Dark Knight game may be in the works fr the iTouch.

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