Here is something positive that can come out while riding a bicycle. Mobile phones can now be recharged while riding a bike. Nokia has released a charging kit that uses a dynamo powered by a bicycle’s wheels.

Any cyclist wanting to recharge their handset using the kit will need to maintain a speed of about 4mph (6km/h). Not bad right? At least the rider will really need to exert effort here. Good exercise if I say so myself.

The charging kit is intended for nations where bicycles are ubiquitous but will work with any phone using a 2mm charger jack.

Nokia said charging times will vary by speed but a cyclist completing a 10 minute journey at 6mph (10 km/h) will produce enough power for 28 minutes of talk time or 37 hours of standby time. Also included in the kit with the dynamo is a holder to secure a phone to a bicycle while it is being re-charged.

Nokia said the charging kit will be available through its stores worldwide by the end of 2010. This device is nothing new though. Similar devices from firms such as Pedal & Power have been widely available for some time.

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