One of the team members of DealDash invited me to check out their service and make a review of it. As one who bids quite often on items that I am interested with, I gladly accepted. Who knows, maybe they have something different that others do not.

And boy is DealDash something else! If you have experienced bidding for items before, here is where DealDash’s Competitive shopping service stands out.

First and foremost, you need to register for an account for free! Next, you need to buy credits for a dollar each in order to have funds to bid. Once you have enough funds, you can click the bid button where each click raises the price by 10 cents and the timer gets reset to 30 seconds. Once the bidding time has expired after you bid, you get to win the item at a very good price. It is that simple!

If you do not get to win the bidding, do not worry! You can still get the same item at a discounted price. This is because for every bid you make reduces the price of its so called “buy-it-now” price. It is absolutely a win-win situation for you. Go check out DealDash! I am off to do some bidding of my own ;).

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