But do you think he cares? I don’t think so. He held that title for 13 straight years. That already means something. It ain’t easy holding on to that title for so many years consecutively. The investor, Warren Buffett is the now richest man on the planet followed by Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim HelĂș. Gates ranks third now.

It was said that Gates’ fortune would have grown higher has Microsoft not bought Yahoo!. Guess the investors really do not have faith with Yahoo! even though it is now backed with Microsoft’s massive financial power. Even with Buffet’s top ranking, it won’t last long as he had long promised to give away his fortune posthumously, most going to Bill Gates’ foundation.

Still, I am sure that these people do not really care about the title. It does give them exposure more but in the end it is how they use the money they earn that defines who they really are.

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