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Bitcoin is not something new. When one talks about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin naturally comes to mind. Those who are technologically inclined will think about Bitcoin right away whenever crypto, security, and currency are talked about.

In this video, CEO Patrick Byrne shares his thoughts to groups of supporter of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin what he sees is the future of the cryptocurrency and how it can help economies from avoiding a major collapse in the financing industry.

People who do not like risks may normally steer clear of Bitcoin but those who are successful in starting a revolution are risk takers. You should watch this video below to get a glimpse on how Bitcoin can easily help save people money from having to pay exorbitant fees if they want to send currencies to other parts of the world.

Oh yeah, did I mention that there does not need to be a middleman of some sort in order for recipients to get the money using Bitcoin? This is the big difference compared to well known money sending services like Western Union and MoneyGram where they normally take in 10-20% from fees or more.

Bitcoin has a very promising future. While it has barely been adopted by many institutions for fear of something they feel is still unproven, slowly but surely, it will pick up pace and adoption will be on the rise.

Follow Patrick Byrne on Twitter to find out more about his activities with regards to Bitcoin. I also recommend you to watch the video above. While quite a very long video so to speak, the Bitcoin keynote address had some interesting points tackled on how the future and economies can benefit greatly from using this technology.

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