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Companies that depend on computer data are no strangers to data storage. In fact, it is a necessity or else operations and services might be affected big time.

Data storage is costly though. Think about the physical hardware that is involved to store massive data that a company uses. There is more. How about the staff needed to ensure maintenances keeps services and operations running smoothly?

The most cost effective solution for me is to subscribe to services from a provider of data storage management. This way, a company can save costs from hiring extra staffs just to maintain all the data involved and from having to buy so many hard drives to store all the data.

This is where virtualization can efficiently help streamline a company’s services and operations financially and in a cost effective manner where you can Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%.
CDW can transform a company’s IT environment by providing flexibility and systematically standardizing and simplifying data storage systems.
These are but a few of what CDW offers that can benefit a company.
  • Blade Servers. Think of these servers as stripped down in hardware specifications containing only parts that are needed to function almost the same as a fully equipped server for the sole purpose of minimizing space and energy.
  • Storage Management Software. Now, in order to cut costs on having to hire staff doing manual work to manage data, a system where a few personnel are assigned to use to maintain storage to its effective capacity is a more cost effective solution in my point of view.
  • Archiving Software is equally important considering that at any time data might be compromised, modified or corrupted, an archive of your data can make you say “thank goodness we have backup!”.
  • Data De-duplication can occur when you have too much data on hand. This process eliminates duplicate copies thus improving utiliziation of your storage.
  • Storage Area Networks have become popular these days as network architectures become more complex. This setup allows the connection of remote storage devices to backup servers so that operating systems can access these devices, as if it was native hardware.
  • Data Storage Virtualization provides a way to combine all hard drives into one centrally manageable resource, enabling companies to make changes to storage configuration without downtime enabling data migration a smooth transition for a company’s clients.
You can download CDW’s Red Report for free, for a limited time. This document gives you an exclusive insider view as to how you can manage your data. You will be able to learn how to gain faster access to critical information, better support the company workforce, protect organizational data and even eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies.

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