moneyIf you are interested in making money from your blog or just having people read your blog often, despite the fact that you get nothing for it, you probably put a lot of time and effort into getting traffic. You try to write about things that people care about, you look for hot topics in the industry and you write posts based on recommendations from your readers. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to write consistently and often if you want to keep people coming back for more all of the time.

The thing is, people will get bored of checking your blog if you do not update it more than once a month. After a few days of checking, they will move on to something else. You will lose their interest. Eventually, they are going to find another blog that is updated a lot more often, and they are going to start reading it instead. Since they only have so much time, they are going to spend it all there, and then you have lost that reader for good. This could happen with hundreds or even thousands of your monthly readers.

What they want is a blog that has something new and interesting to offer every single day. They want to know that it is going to give them something each time that they check it. This way, you make it so that they are always curious. It becomes part of their daily ritual to check your blog. Once they get into that routine, you could have them for a long time. Remember that humans are creatures of habit who often fall into patterns that they may not break for months or years, if they do at all. If you can have your blog become something that factors into their typical day, you know that you are going to have consistent readers.

Of course, you do not just want to post the same thing over and over again in the name of quantity. You need to have new, fresh information that you can put up all of the time. It is going to take work for you to come up with these topics and write about them, and you may even want to think about hiring someone to do it for you. When you do, though, you are going to see positive results in a hurry.

This is the only title that I can think of and I think it really suits it well. After more than 12 hours, I finally had this blog back to running.

I was surprised that a few days ago, I received a malware page warning from the browser when I surfed my site. I thought at first that maybe somehow my hosting provider messed things up and probably fixed it right away.

After 2 days when I decided to install some malware removal plugins for WordPress because Google still had not lifted the safe browsing warning, that was when problems started to surface.

There were malwares that got removed. However, after I used Bulletproof Security Plugin was the time my blog really went down.

I Googled to look for any solutions possible but the malware really persisted. I was left with no choice but to backup all data and painstakingly import the posts and related data to the new blog. It was a pain indeed.

Then when all was finally set and done, I noticed that the GetSocial plugin is giving me problems as well as WordFence so I removed those immediately. I went back with Digg Digg for social bookmarks in the meantime. This is a good plugin, just that it does not feature the toolbar in the home page.

I will have to clean my other blogs considering Sucuri found some threats even though Google has not blocked them. Better now than worry later. At least I know what to do.

So this is it … my blog reborn!

I am sure everybody’s looking forward to the next iPhone model, dubbed the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is disappointing. It certainly cannot compete with Android phones that came out this year. I, for one am holding on to my wallet till that elusive iPhone 5 comes out.

I am sure the hardware specifications will be way different than the current model. The iPhone 5 Blog at typically has interesting articles that talks about the upcoming iPhone 5. Whether they are true or not, people still clamor for any little update they can get regarding this hyped-up phone.

Apple is pretty tightlipped when it comes to all their products, hence people all the more get curious about anything regarding the iPhone 5. is pretty much a blog and you can even subscribe to their mailing list to be updated on any new articles and/or rumor mill that will be written about the iPhone 5.

They even have a forum to let its members talk about this upcoming gadget, discuss, share ideas and opinions and just have fun exchanging comments on iPhone 5 topics.

Best of all, this service is free so go ahead and register for an account. There are no charges here, all free. The iPhone 5 Blog simply aims to be the most prolific news site reporting breaking news on topics about Apple’s supposed next iPhone model. Visit

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